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  • Hobitez Hobitez Apr 8, 2013 15:09 Flag

    You Suck Yahoo

    Having discussed the matter in depth with Yahoo staff I have been told that they can't find the complaints on the board in order to read or reply to them.

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    • Hobitez....just goes to show how useless their format is then doesnt it if they themselves cant find all the complaints that have been put up here I mean whats the title of this thread and how many of the posts on it are doing anything but complain about this new format for the board ? Im afraid Im not computer literate enough to contact them inthe manner u did but perhaps u can refer them back to this thread if u contact them again ? Just incase u do here is my complaint again....Yahoo please can u return our old format for this board this one is far less than useless or if not possible to return the old format can u please supply something that functions rather than this old jalopy that someone in u offices has foisted upon us in their wisdom ?