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  • colin colin Apr 7, 2013 15:51 Flag

    LFC v West Ham opinions..

    Armchair...once again we are clueless tactically in the face of a team who arrive to park the bus and get a point..how many seasons has this nonesense been going on for now...there was a time wed have torn to pieces any side who dropped back like this...evidently not any more. Rogers moping about on the touchline clueless Assaidi on for Hendo ??? This Moroccan lad is a waste of 3 million thats for sure though Im sure we will have plenty on the board saying "We have to give the boy a chance, hes still young , he must have two full seasons before we can judge, blah ...blah ...blah......hes no better certainly than Al Zhar before him and he was useless. Who out there now says we dont need Andy C we dont need a PLAN B ???
    Once again we win a ton of corners and are completely unable to capitalize ??? We NEED Andy C in the box putting himself about in there creating chaos and if nothing else it will perhaps enable us to profit from all the corners and set pieces as they cant double team him and watch Suarez and Gerrard too ! All these corners and usually NOBODY INSIDE THE BOX when the corner is taken...just who's idea is that then....could it be Roger's idea ? Thanks be that it wasnt Southampton we were up against today !
    Also Sturridge is starting to look less and less effective he looked like so many others out there today clueless. Why are we not running at defenses like this all the slow build up does is give them a chance to amass the troops in a solid wall down the middle. We need fast pass and move ! MOVE !! MOVE !!! against such tactics as Big Sam's today but oh no Rogers still thinks hes managing Barca. Can u see now why Im NOT optimistic that next season will be any better than this season?...The only hope is that the owners have a fit of extreme generosity and put so much coin on the table for the 5 new World Class players we need and use the proviso that Rogers cannot go anywhere near Swansea with any of the money provided !

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    • Colin, can you tell me what our wins losses and draws have been in the last 10 games?

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      • Loki..I can tell u the result of the last four off thetop of my head Spurs at Anfield impressive fighting performance 2.1 win Southampton away 1.3 worst performance I have ever witnessed from a Liverpool side in the 55+ yrs Ive supported the club Villa away 2.1 win a reasonable display lets say sufficient to take the points home and WHU at Anfield 0.0 poor performance that Rogers quoted was "Outstanding" ??? All in all class report on those our most recent fixtures would read B- " Must do better needs to focus more" Thoughts ?

    • Hey Col, you've got to give Brendan Rodgers his due 'cos if he hadnt have ensured Andy Carroll couldnt play against us we may well have lost all 3 points instead of gaining one. Always look on the bright side of life!

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      • LOL...very true Ron. Just read that Rogers stated we were OUTSTANDING today...dont think he was watching the same match as me ? We need to run at sides like this that come to park the bus for a point...that means adopt a real Pass and MOVE !!! style of play but ....of course we under Rogers regime have to always play the same old slow slow build up allowing such sides to amass 10 men behind the ball and close down the channel. Were we to play an alternate Pass and MOVE !!! strategy against such sides yes we would certainly decrease the percentile stat where possession is concerned but Id warrant we would by at least the same percentile up our efforts on target thereby increasing our chancesof scoring that vital first goal against such sides and causing them to then open up a little to chase the point they came for. Been saying all season long Rogers is a one trick pony his belief revolves solely around the idea of keeping possession but with an inferior squad to Barca all that does imo is ensure more one point games that should have been 3pts gained. To spell it out for the Rogers Faithful here....Possession denied the opposition tends to guarantee that they will have great difficulty scoring the idea of u cant score without the ball....but it also in our case seems to be unable to guarantee that we will score sufficient to garner the three points in many games....we NEED a PLAN B...a blind man can see that !!! Rogers DOES NOT HAVE ONE !!! Next season will be the same.

    • Colin, I do actually agree with you on Assaidi. I do like to give players time, but in his case I think (someone correct me if I'm wrong) he's been available all season long (unlike Borini) and does not have some lingering injury (like Allen) as an excuse. So the fact the gaffer has rarely put him on the bench, or thrown him on when he's been at the ground, suggests he's just not making the grade. And, while only one match, it’s hard to argue he made any sort of case for himself yesterday.

      However I can understand BR's thinking here. Having lost Downing, and seeing what was essentially a back 6 preventing us to get in behind, I think he wanted at least one natural winger on the park to try and, as you say run at players and get in behind them. Get Collins or Tomkins to pull a little wider to back up their full backs could have opened up the space for Suarez, Sturridge or Coutinho to run into. However with the only real wing play coming from Jose and Glen, we found ourselves constantly running into a brick wall of 6 defenders plugging up the inside.

      It’s all well and good to say you want tactics of running at players, but when there is no space to run into, and we don't have the players to actually stretch the pitch and create that space, it’s a bit easier said than done. Yes maybe having an Andy Carroll like player could have helped us with all the corners, but Collins was nodding them away for fun so not sure about that. Besides would another static body in the center have helped to create most of those corners?

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      • For me, first and foremost, WHU should be given all the credit in the world. I've watched a lot of football this season, both EPL, Europe and International, and I have to say that was one of the most impressive defensive performances I've seen. They were organized, cohesive, resolute, and never made a single error, or came close to a penalty, nor gave away a single silly free kick. Even moreso, I'd say that Collins put in one of the best performances of a CB in the prem all season long, and while it's hard to say someone could ever have Suarez in their pocket, he must have take the ball right off Luis' foot 6-7 times, cleared away others, and headed away any trouble with ease. Honestly I'm surprised Luis didn't lose his composure and do something dumb and get a yellow. So, all the credit in the world to WHU, and Collins for being MOM..

        As for us, it's hard to say anyone had a great day at the office, though I think Stevie was good, Coutinho's movement and ideas were good, and Agger probably our best player on the day. Glen and Jose weren't themselves out wide, Sturridge was very poor, and Suarez one of his worst days in Red. Overall it highlighted why Rodgers' major concern this year, despite us being 4th in goals scored, was to add quality in the final third. We lack another attacking, creative winger, especially once Downing went down to injury, which was the idea behind trying to get Tom Ince in January, and another true #9 who is a finisher, with timely movement, and clinical ability to time his runs right. We must have been called offsides against the back line at least 6-7 times, when chances did present themselves...

        It was a bad day at the office for most of our players, and a great day for WHU. It wasn't like the West Brom or Aston Villa matches at Anfield, it really was just a matter of not making the best of some good opportunities, and a game we should have won 2-0, but didn't. The draw didn't help much, but earlier in the season, we would have found a way to get caught out, and lose ie- WBA, AVL, Arsenal.. One thing I would say, which is my opinion of course, is that I thought we hunted down the ball in packs, and that work rate/desire was there, we just never took advantage of it. I'm disappointed because we needed the 3, but every so often you have a match where you just hold your hands up in the air.. Again, clearly showed where we need to strengthen..

    • I ddn't see the game guy.

      Is it question of quality? Would one or two players with that little bit extra have helped at all? For example a wide player and a midfielder that can get behind defenses.

      I say this when I watch Spain. If you cant go through them you have to go round 'em. That means over lapping full backs, or a winger with a trick or two and of course that striker / poacher in the middle