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  • RonJ RonJ Apr 7, 2013 18:32 Flag

    LFC v West Ham opinions..

    Hey Col, you've got to give Brendan Rodgers his due 'cos if he hadnt have ensured Andy Carroll couldnt play against us we may well have lost all 3 points instead of gaining one. Always look on the bright side of life!

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    • LOL...very true Ron. Just read that Rogers stated we were OUTSTANDING today...dont think he was watching the same match as me ? We need to run at sides like this that come to park the bus for a point...that means adopt a real Pass and MOVE !!! style of play but ....of course we under Rogers regime have to always play the same old slow slow build up allowing such sides to amass 10 men behind the ball and close down the channel. Were we to play an alternate Pass and MOVE !!! strategy against such sides yes we would certainly decrease the percentile stat where possession is concerned but Id warrant we would by at least the same percentile up our efforts on target thereby increasing our chancesof scoring that vital first goal against such sides and causing them to then open up a little to chase the point they came for. Been saying all season long Rogers is a one trick pony his belief revolves solely around the idea of keeping possession but with an inferior squad to Barca all that does imo is ensure more one point games that should have been 3pts gained. To spell it out for the Rogers Faithful here....Possession denied the opposition tends to guarantee that they will have great difficulty scoring the idea of u cant score without the ball....but it also in our case seems to be unable to guarantee that we will score sufficient to garner the three points in many games....we NEED a PLAN B...a blind man can see that !!! Rogers DOES NOT HAVE ONE !!! Next season will be the same.

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      • Colin, not going to comment on the OUTSTANDING, as that is not how I'd describe us. Can't fault the effort the lads put in, but can fault the quality in the final third.

        However I'm a little confused by some of your comments here. When a team decides to park the buss, and yesterday for much of the match we played against a back 6, I'm not sure exactly how you can change the style of play (the plan B your eluding to) to stop them from getting men behind the ball.

        I hear you saying we need to speed up the buildup play, but if you've got 6 players constantly behind the ball, how exactly are we going to catch them on the break?