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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 8, 2013 19:24 Flag

    LFC v West Ham opinions..

    Colin, not going to comment on the OUTSTANDING, as that is not how I'd describe us. Can't fault the effort the lads put in, but can fault the quality in the final third.

    However I'm a little confused by some of your comments here. When a team decides to park the buss, and yesterday for much of the match we played against a back 6, I'm not sure exactly how you can change the style of play (the plan B your eluding to) to stop them from getting men behind the ball.

    I hear you saying we need to speed up the buildup play, but if you've got 6 players constantly behind the ball, how exactly are we going to catch them on the break?

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    • Brendan seems to have an unfortunate habit of saying some very silly things at times. As well as the "outstanding" statement, another one which tickled me last week, very much pre-match, was a reported observation that "Andy Carroll will probably be a very good player, but probably not at Liverpool". Unfortunately IMO the said Andy Carroll should be a vital part of the "missing Plan B" having the size and ability to disturb even a double decker bus no matter how its parked, but it would mean speed down the flanks to the bye line and, alas, putting the ball across in the air. Definitely not an appealing situation for the possession minded faint-hearted to contemplate. I remain hopeful we will finish in 7th spot this year and maybe even 5th next year with Brendan still at the helm. I just hope he learns something that my old Dad told me 60 years ago, "if youve nothing sensible to say lad, keep youre trap shut"