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  • colin colin Apr 9, 2013 16:15 Flag

    The views of ex players

    Loki...Aldo was of the 4 ex players a ..striker and a damned good one for us after Rushie left for Juve I would respect his view on matters of...strikers. You by contrast go as it seems u always do these days with the view of Rogers..." He doesnt suit my style of play." I think any of us can acknowledge that Rogers has implemented certainmeasures that are beneficial to te club integrating all the levels of the club right down through the Academy to play the same system. However many of us ...check out other fan forums...are not convinced by his total reliance on tiki taca as the only mode to employ against all opposition...u by contrast seem again to parrot the Rogers Party Line. I like many feel we have NO PLAN B and believe we NEED one quite desperately because if we had one we wouldnt have lost at Stoke wouldnt have been played off the park at Southampton would have won at Arsenal wouldnt have lost to Villa at home and wouldnt have drawn0.0 with WHU...BUT ...Rogers thinks we dont need any Plan B. Presumably u agree whole heartedly with him.

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    • Colin - I have never said that we don't need alternate tactics - ever. I don't think I could have been clearer on the issue of Carroll. We lost at Stoke because we don't have the players for a physical battle, that's why I have been advocating we buy someone like Diame of West Ham, a big brute who can play a bit. Why did we need a plan B at Arsenal when we were 2 up? What happened there was individual mistakes, nothing to do with tactics. The Villa and Soton games we were just poor, it happens to every team!

      You should know that the last time I had blind faith in a manager was Kenny's first stint. I don't agree with everything they do - including Rodgers - but I see a bigger picture and we can't be cured of the many diseases that's infected the club for decades in one season like you and Armchair seem to think. It's still gonna take another 2 seasons before we are ready to compete for the title and that is provided the following happens

      1) we stick with one manager
      2) no unsuccessful purchases
      3) the owners give enough money to get the class of player we need
      4) we get top 4 next year

      PS you still haven't answered me on the centre-back general question!

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      • Spot on points Loki. Completely agree.

        If this thread is drifting back towards the Carroll argument (I'll take the blame) then I would add that I saw a fair chunk of the Galatasaray vs Madrid game last night. Drogba was awfully off colour and not sharp at all but was still able to display the traits that I would look for in a lump up front. If Carroll can do that then great, but I haven't seen much evidence of it yet. I'm talking about these things.
        - movement off the ball;
        - movement in the box to get in front or drift off the back of the defender
        - attacks the ball
        - good feet even though his touch was way off at times

        All of a sudden you have a player that works for your Plan A and Colin's Plan B

        I still think the midfield is key as well. Get the doinating player in the middle and it will help. We've lost games far too cheaply through poor and sloppy play in midfield. Most recently Southampton.

        And of course there's the gaps in the squad to fill.

        There's huge amounts of work ahead, just to hold level ground let alone improve and I'd challenge anyone who thinks that changing the manager will help that situation in any shape or form. A change in manager now signals yet another change in direction which leads to lost time and money. Rodgers may not be everyone's cup of tea but we have chosen a direction and it's imperitive that we stick to that direction now.

        Did you like how I got my reply back onto topic? :o)

      • Loki...yes I do like u believe we need a centre back who is a loud General. Actually I happen to think we need TWO new centre backs and I think they should be a priority. But..I dont want one of them to be ASHLEY WILLIAMS...why ? Simple I dont rate him... end of. If Rogers rates him then I disagree with him 100%...keep buying these ex SWANSEA deadlegs at grossly inflated values what is the matter withthe man ??? Obviously he thinks it will make his job easier if hes surrounded by his ex team !