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  • Aurelio Aurelio Apr 10, 2013 14:41 Flag

    The views of ex players

    A few interesting things said on here, I'd like to disagree with some of them!
    Loki/Colyn - I don't think that a change in manager will take us back to square one, Rodgers has said himself that if the board decide he isn't the right man then someone else can come in and build on systems he has put in place. We shouldn't be scared to get rid of the manager, not that I think we should right now.
    Colin - I've never actually seen Liverpool play 'tici-taca', I'd like to know what the highest number of passes are that have then led to a goal, I don't think it would be very many. Steven Gerrard seems to have been given the freedom to play 'hollywood' balls whenever he see's fit, defiantly not tici-taca. on Andy Carroll, he had all of last season to try and prove he could be part of a plan A, he was rubbish most of the time. Not good enough for LFC as a plan B, C or D.

    I'm in a controversial mood, here is an article where former Liverpool player Danny Murphy backs Roy Hodgson as Liverpool Manager http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/l/liverpool/8779076.stm
    They'll say anything to get in the papers! :)

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    • Yes Ok Aurelio, good and very fair point but what we musn't do is get another manager with a completely different philosophy to Rodgers. Rodgers said that too. That would be a dsaster in my opinion but someone who will take what Rodgers has done and move it forward fine. Although I would personally actually stick with what we have for now and look carefully at where the weaknesses are and address those through support from within. That could be people, money or whatever.