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  • Jason Jason Apr 9, 2013 22:22 Flag

    Some New Board Tips..

    So I was just playing around with this disaster of a new feature they've dumped on us, and I think I've found something that might be helpful to all of us in trying to follow and interact properly.

    On the top, upper right hand corner, if you select "Summary" from the VIEW: area (as opposed to Expanded), and then "THREADED" (instead of Message List) from the AS: area, it seems to be a lot more organized and you can click on each line of a post..

    Give it a shot and let me know if helps any of you out at all, but I'm looking at the "LFC vv West Ham Opinions" thread, and everything looks quite organized, and I can click on view replies and other areas to see who said what and to what comment.

    Hope it helps. Cheers

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