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  • colin colin Apr 10, 2013 14:23 Flag

    Do we need to sell Suarez if we get an offer of around 50 MIL

    Do we need to sell Suarez if we get an offer of around 50mill ? Heres a question for u...when we bought Kenny Dalglish for 440 thousand pounds to replace Kevin Keegan if we had received an offer of one million pounds for him 2 seasons later...should we have sold him ?

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    • Absolutely right Colin. There is only one reason to sell Suarez, and that is if he asks to be sold, but to date while we all know he'd like CL football, all the noises coming from him and his camp is that he loves the club and the city, believes in the manager and the project underway, and therefore imo will give us at least one more season in an effort to get that CL football with Liverpool.

      Simple truth as you say, is no club sells its best players unless it has to. What we need to be trying to do is buy additional players who can complement Suarez not replace him. Yes all the cash a sale could generate would be nice, however buys like Coutinho and development of players like Sterling show you don't have to break the bank to improve the squad.

    • My point is that if Suarez stays next season and we would not buy 3-4 QUALITY PLAYERS & not headless chicken Then he will absolutely loose interest playing with high intensity. And with FSG budget of 20 MIL I am not sure we can buy quantity with quality. Also, if we can manage to get 80 MIL with selling of Surez, AC, Skirtel, Spearing then we can definitely buy 5-6 quality players and IMO 4 very good players are better than a world class player.

      You saw this against West Ham. Their tactic was to keep Suarez in control and they did resulting a draw. If we have 4-5 very good players at a time on the pitch like Tottenham then we can rely on the team and not the individuals. The reason for our inconsistency is because we rely too much on Suarez. If he has a bad day then 9 out of 10 times we can not get 3 points. Consistency comes only when we do not rely on 1 or 2 players to win us game.

      For Torres, I definitely fill that he would also love to come where he is loved the most!!! Also, he is still the best finisher IMO. He knows when to hit & when to stop. I think Suarez & DS still have to learn a lot to match his finishing skill. Because of lack of finishing skills, we are having the highest number of shots off-target in PL this seaso which was not the case when Torres was here. Also, his 18 goals this season have come when he is not the first choice later on.