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  • Jason Jason Apr 10, 2013 16:32 Flag

    Glen Johnson

    Looks like GlenJo drinks the Kool Aid too.. This would lump him in with whatever that Brigade thing means with the likes of Agger, Reina, Carragher, Lucas, Downing, and Gerrard, who actually isn't allowed to be counted because he is the club Captain and whatever he says is for good PR and to appease the media.. Maybe we just need a whole new squad who aren't allowed to express their opinions, especially if positive in a transitional season..

    You really have to wonder what some people would say if Skrtel doesn't make that back pass early in the season, Reina doesn't make that absurd play at City, we doubled up the Champs, and held on to our 2-0 lead at Ars.enal .. 9 points in the bag from top 4 sides, that would see us on 58 pts and we'd never have these plan B discussions, or comments of tactical ineptitude. For the record for the 100th time, I am not doing or advocating in blind faith, nor without saying I won't change my opinion in the blink of an eye next season, but I'm calling things as I see them, ironically seeming to be in the same view of our very own players, where such comments were nowhere to be found in our run-ins the past few years..