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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 11, 2013 16:57 Flag


    Colin I agree, and a good day when we can tie him up for a few more years. More impressive as a player because the strength of character he's shown to overcome the boo boys in his first couple seasons and come out as a fan favorite.

    It's also a good omen for keeping some of our other top players. It’s no secret that Lucas is very popular in the dressing room, and very close to Suarez, so hopefully this is a sign of a collective buy in on the direction we're going. Stability imo is key for us to make progress. We need to add to the squad and not have to worry about replacing key players if we want to keep moving forward in improving the quality of the starting 11 and the depth of the squad.

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    • Dave we dont agree too often mate but let me say I agree with every word of u post here. This is indeed the way to move forward and create new Glory Days. Forget about selling key players and concentrate on getting in the best talent we can to compliment them otherwise we are just another selling club always looking enviously at the top 4 teams challenging for all the honours where all we have is some ..."PROFITABILITY"

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      • Colin & Co.,

        Think this signing, and his words, along with others who have recently re-signed in Agger, Suarez, Skrtel (albeit out of form and out the door soon) says that they're happy to be in RED and proud to wear the shirt, but also really believe in the project and direction of the club, which includes everyone..

        A fair assessment to make I think.. I truly believe that players his age, 26 and up (Agger going on 28) would really bolt for the door if they didn't believe things were going good, and headed in a right direction. We see some massive stars move every window from big clubs all the time, including those with big name managers and oil rich wallets, so something good is going on, and I think we can all be proud and look forward to new Glory DAZE as my friend Colin would say..

        I think we're going to have a very good summer, I really do, based on opinion and some things I'm digging up, and I believe that next year we won't just be aiming for "top 4".

    • Yes it's great news. He's now like Dunga, whereas when he came to us he was just Dung! Considering he has altered position from that in Brazil his transformation is remarkable. Things did start to fall apart for us when he did his knee at Chelsea.