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  • United do rule United do rule Apr 21, 2013 19:40 Flag

    Suarez at it AGAIN..

    Some Liverpool players and fans comments about Suarez's bite on Ivanovic's arm are disgraceful. They supported him ater racially abusing another player, now they support him after today.

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    • Obviously, and ironic that you'd post that in this thread, and haven't read a word I've just said here.. What is the title of the thread afterall?

      Furthermore, this is a direct comment from Brendan Rodgers:
      "Players are always replaceable, no matter how good they think they are."

      I think instead of looking for the obvious comments that will help you make things look uglier, you should read the ones that actually portray the situation as it really is. Several former Liverpool players, well known supporters, writers and media are absolutely putting him to the sword. You're never going to get 100% one way or another from everyone associated with an issue..