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  • Jason Jason Apr 12, 2013 23:06 Flag

    Suarez at it AGAIN..

    This was 2-3 weeks ago, and I'm actually surprised we didn't have a thread on it, unless that was around the time Yahoo created this trainwreck of a message board and it was deleted..

    So, now Suarez is in the middle of another case, but with Fifa.. Since this was during international play, I'm thinking and hoping the penalty, (there will be one because it's as obvious as the earth is round), will be applied to him/international play only, and not EPL. But, I'm not 100% clear on that, so someone please feel free to interject thoughts/comments on that area..

    If FIFA does give him a ban, and it includes domestic play, then we're screwed because this is going to be a 10 game ban I'd imagine for violent conduct. If so, that would remove him for games this season, if the decision is made, and then carry over into next season as well, or just see him not available for X amount of games out of the gate.

    (Before reading this part, I did the devil's advocate thing & am not suggesting I would/want him sold)

    Here's the bottom line, I don't know if there's a player in the world better than him at his particular skills and tricks, on his day is as good as just about any or amongst those top 3-5, and is how our team is built, but he's even said that when he steps on the pitch, he's not the same person, and sort of loses his mind. I wouldn't sell him for a penny less than Cavani's 58M release clause, (though EC7 is better) but I just don't know at what point he continues this stuff, causes a ban, and hurts the team again, and it can no longer be tolerated. He could be partly to blame for our poor finish last year, and he's lucky he got the backing he did during the Evra debacle. I can tell you this, FSG, Henry in particular won't tolerate this stuff, I've seen him drop the axe many times over here, so don't be too surprised.. And, if that does happen, it's not because of needing funds, it would strictly be due to specific consequences, just so I squash that talk before it starts.. Anyways, fingers crossed and hoping for the best, and that we won't have to deal with this #$%$ anymore..


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    • I'm with you on this Jason.. I think Suarez has caused a lot of embarrassment for the FSG brand. No player is bigger than the club.. so they'll push for as much as they can for him. Close to £60m as you advocate.. we could buy in 3 quality players for that.. and any money FSG have in addition. With Suarez making noises like if a CL club wants him to come get him.. then ok then so long Luis. we want players at LFC who wanna be here and love playing for the shirt and the club and want us to be up there challenging not for just CL qualification but but for the title itself. Thats what our target should be. CL qualification should be a secondary aspiration.