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  • colin colin Apr 13, 2013 17:12 Flag

    Reading V LFC aftermath !!

    Armchair...spot-on mate just watched the game and we could have played all nigh and not scored !Seem to recallothers on here saying scoring wasnt our problem the backline leaking goals was ?However my rebuttal of that was that its no good scoring eight in two 4.0 wins and then drawing the other six games 0.0 better to be more consistent in u scoring and spread it out across eight 1.0 wins and collar 24 pts rather than 12pts from the same number of games. The problem is attitude imo many of the players out there didnt look hungry enought to go for the 3pts...for me Sturridge after a good start is begining to looklike yet another BR TRANSFER BUST. The owners should point blank refuse to let him buy in this Williams from Swansea hes yet another at best average player...and we have fartoo many of them right now as it is. Im certain there will be those who disagree with our assessment of todays performance armchair and will make theexcuse of the goalie having an absolute blinder but many of what initially looked like good saves were simply bad finishing that enabled him to make them...many of those chances should have been buried inthe back of the net he shouldnt have been able to get near them..Sturridge imo was particularly guilty today of wastefulness and poor technique in not getting his bosy over the ball and getting the job done . Anyway for me this was a diabollically poor performance this was not a sterling rearguard action the like of West Ham's this was the worst team inthe Prem who have lost their last SEVEN games ??? They gave us plenty of space to work with but we as so many times this season proved we just arent up to the job....Rogers tactics imo are very much to blame and when u lookat him on the touchline Ive never seen such a miserable uninspiring coach..Ive seen more animation from statues on this form we will be lucky to stay out of the relegation zone next season...on this evidence and with two or three more transfer busts from Rogers next seaon will be even worse than this season. I am not looking fw to next season.

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    • Williams should never come to us.. just aint good enough.. if we continue to buy average players we'll be an average squad. Average squads don't win league titles or cups. FSG like to buy them young and sell at a profit. Buying Williams contradicts that. Williams won't be worth much in fact he'd be released as free. I'm sure we've young defenders who'd love to play in the first team and they'd be cheap. If Rodgers can only buy players who he's worked with before then thats a weak manager. A good manager goes and watches players, from various clubs & countries and watches intently to see if they fit in.

    • You know sometimes Colin I really scratch my head at how we can watch the same game but see something obviously completely different. I'll leave the performance by McCarthy to one side, it’s not just my eyes who say he had a good match but almost everything I've read about the game, but if you and Sofa think otherwise do be it.

      But I will ask how dominating possession and throwing almost everything but the kitchen sink at the Reading goal is a sign of poor attitude? If it was just side to side or backward passing all game, which I know you’ve accused the BR tactics of amounting to, maybe you’d have a point, but as you can’t really get to the oppositions box let alone take a shot if your only passing backward or sideways, I ‘m wondering how on earth we got so many shots on goal.

      I'm also curious why because a man standing in the rain not believing what he's seeing is evidence we must be bound for the relegation part of the table next term. I mean considering BR took a team who actually performed (results don't lie remember) no better than a relegation battler in the second half of last season, and imo moved them forward, why because he's not jumping up and down does it mean we'll go back to the form of last season?

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      • Dave...I conceded that the keeper played a blinder but if u analyse his saves many of the shots were snatched at and either driven wide or straight at him...Sturidge was particularly guilty in my opinion.Of course we made it into the final third regularly but the final pass was always woeful.We made it into the final third regularly because unlike against WHU this hapless outfit gave us plenty of room down the middle which again imo we did not clinically exploit. It doesnt matter how many shots u have on goal our build up considering how much space these clowns were giving us was way too laborious many other sides in the top half of the table would have cut this team to ribbons given the same amount of space...u make chances and miss them all in my book that isnt all down to the goalkeeper playing a blinder its poor finishing andconsidering the chances we should have finished better it should have been at least 4.0. I have the feeling that Harry Redknapp is going to be available end of season...could he be our new manager ? Certainly he would if appointe be able to bring in Samba AND Loic.

    • Realistically
      Awfull..................but guess who wants to come back and manage us again?