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  • Jason Jason Apr 13, 2013 20:31 Flag

    Reading V LFC aftermath !!

    We need a real, classy #9.. Sturridge will prove to be his worth for 12M, but I don't know if he can ever become prolific with any consistency in this system which allows for so much movement and freedom. His decision making is awful and while he's not played much in 12+ months and 23, he's no kid, so I find this troubling and he needs to get a dressing down like BR did to Sterling in the summer and the other lads during the season.

    We should have won the game 10-0, and I have no complaints about the action, excitement and manner in which we played, only with Sturridge. We looked even more threatening with Downing on..

    A fast, classy, #9 who can figure out how to time his runs off the last should and not get called offsides 10 times and someone who will slot Suarez creations home with ease. While our Defense is the reason why we're 7th, we could have scored 15-20 more goals this season. That's the difference in United vs everyone else, they are absolutely ruthless. I feel we've been cursed in front of net the minute Torres tore his knee in his 87" brace in the 4-1 Europa thrashing of Benfica 4 years ago, and it's been like a bunch of plagued mental midgets from even 2 yards out.. Last year we couldn't even connect on pks.. what was it 1/7 or something like that..

    BUT, I have to say, McCarthey was absolutely stunning, so credit to him, still should have been 4-0 despite his efforts.

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    • Jason it wasnt just Sturridge...who told him to stay wide so much....Idetested having Rafa as a manager the last three seasons he waswith us but I cant bring myself to say "Come back Rafa all is forgiven" but this hopeless muppet Rogers Ive got to a point where I just dont know how to express my frustration witthis guys tactics or perhaps total lack of tactics now he wants 12 mill how does he know the player will cost that and why has he broadcast the fact in the press? He wants to buy yet another player hes managed previously ? No sorry lads cant see us doing any better next season with this guy Rogers at the helm...just more inconsistency and a lack of fire in the belly where the team is concerned I cant se how this miserable muppet on the sideline could be an inspiration to anybody. Not looking fw to next season if hes still incharge if FSG have any sense they will see through this guys sham and get him down the road and get a seasoned manager in who is up tothe job we cant afford to have this guy still here learning histrade as he goes along ..he can go somewhere else and get the experience he needs ....More fool John Henry for falling for his "3hour presentation in Boston"

    • We should've scored 5 or more with ease.. Afterall this was and still is the worst team in the league we played today. Ok McCarthy was playing very well.. but we still should've scored and come away with a clean sheet and 3 points. No excuse for it.. Why was Sturridge out on the wing? He should've been in the centre with Suarez on the wing then Suarez cuts inside when need be..

    • Think it is a bit early to judge what we should expect from Daniel at this stage. He started extremely well, so any leveling off was always going to leave us feeling a bit let down, but it was inevitable that he would not score in every game he started.

      However end of the day he's hardly arrived, hardly got used to his teammates, or the system he's being asking to play in. Just as the entire squad struggled to take on board and execute all the new ideas BR brought in during the first couple months of the season, nor should we expect a player new to the club to consistently get it.

      The time will be after a full pre-season when I'd expect him to start playing at his best level. That goes for the entire squad actually, and while going off to Asia and Australia may not be idea in terms of distance traveled, most should get a full pre-season with no major competitions meaning some need extended holidays before they can join up with the team.

    • I recall we had a "classy no 9." in Torres..