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  • RonJ RonJ Apr 14, 2013 12:55 Flag

    Reading V LFC aftermath !!

    Hey Col, after foolishly thinking Im seeing the glim of light down the tunnel, this past month worth of games have been absolutely awful resultswise. Cant score against the likes of Reading and West Ham irrespective of how pretty we play, tonked by Southampton and the Oldham debarcle still rankles. I remember the cautionary words of Chelsea supporter Robert Macmillan, occasional valued contributor to this Board, about the value of Dan Sturridge to "team effort" and wonder if Chelsea fancy doing an end of season swap for their missfiring Nando Torres cos according to Brendan it seems there is still no way back for Plan B Andy Carroll. Sad, cos for me the guy is much more a team player than Dan even if he isnt quite as mobile (??). Going to finish 7th this year but without European qualification which dont matter to some according to Bren....but it does to me.

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