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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 15, 2013 19:54 Flag

    Reading V LFC aftermath !!

    You know sometimes Colin I really scratch my head at how we can watch the same game but see something obviously completely different. I'll leave the performance by McCarthy to one side, it’s not just my eyes who say he had a good match but almost everything I've read about the game, but if you and Sofa think otherwise do be it.

    But I will ask how dominating possession and throwing almost everything but the kitchen sink at the Reading goal is a sign of poor attitude? If it was just side to side or backward passing all game, which I know you’ve accused the BR tactics of amounting to, maybe you’d have a point, but as you can’t really get to the oppositions box let alone take a shot if your only passing backward or sideways, I ‘m wondering how on earth we got so many shots on goal.

    I'm also curious why because a man standing in the rain not believing what he's seeing is evidence we must be bound for the relegation part of the table next term. I mean considering BR took a team who actually performed (results don't lie remember) no better than a relegation battler in the second half of last season, and imo moved them forward, why because he's not jumping up and down does it mean we'll go back to the form of last season?

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    • Dave...I conceded that the keeper played a blinder but if u analyse his saves many of the shots were snatched at and either driven wide or straight at him...Sturidge was particularly guilty in my opinion.Of course we made it into the final third regularly but the final pass was always woeful.We made it into the final third regularly because unlike against WHU this hapless outfit gave us plenty of room down the middle which again imo we did not clinically exploit. It doesnt matter how many shots u have on goal our build up considering how much space these clowns were giving us was way too laborious many other sides in the top half of the table would have cut this team to ribbons given the same amount of space...u make chances and miss them all in my book that isnt all down to the goalkeeper playing a blinder its poor finishing andconsidering the chances we should have finished better it should have been at least 4.0. I have the feeling that Harry Redknapp is going to be available end of season...could he be our new manager ? Certainly he would if appointe be able to bring in Samba AND Loic.

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      • Don't have the match stats in front of me, but think I remember we got 12 shots on target that required a save or block. I remember one Gerrard shot being blocked, and of course Suarez had one headed off the line, so that leaves 10. I do agree there were a few that were not the strongest of efforts, but most I think were respectable, and some that did require the very best from the keeper. Now that was just what was on target, with Suarez hitting the post on the free kick, and Coutinho just missing by a foot or so, so seems like a fairly offensive effort to me.

        At the very least, while I'd say there were 3 or 4 efforts that required a world class effort to prevent goals, some might say on the other shots the quality was not there. I'd not agree with that conclusion, however surely if one did, it would be something down to the players and not the coach, the tactics, or even the attitude if they just did not execute the final ball, despite getting everything else right.