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  • arnoldlayne arnoldlayne Apr 14, 2013 08:28 Flag

    Reading V LFC aftermath !!

    good points you make.... although I think we need more than cavani to save us..... maybe a defender who can score from a set piece (can we actually score from one?) maybe 3 midfielders with proven ability rather than 'ones for the future', and maybe 2 forwards again with proven ability rather than 'young ones'! And notice how Brenda bigs up the goalkeeper, takes the focus off him and the team! 4points dropped, 2 goalless draws against poor sides but then again maybe that is the best it gets from an 'average' side!

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    • Yes BR took his hat off, but are you telling us McCarthy did not have a good game? Are you telling me the commentators and pundits talking about the game were all lying when they say he had a world class outing?

    • ARNOLD layne..GOOD TO HEAR FROM U MATE..yes the goalkeeper was superb but a number of those opportunities we had should have been buriedin the back of the net before the man had a chance to get anywhere nr them...poor finishing technique made some of his saves look better than they really were..and once again Sturridge was very wasteful failing to get his body well over the ball when he struck it instead of getting the job done..hes starting to look like a very average player which is for themost part with the possible exception of Couhtino what Rogers has brought tothis once great club of ours. Im advocating getting rid of this man hes an apprentice not a journeyman manager he has poor credentials and should never have been appointed by FSG hes learning his trade as he makes his on the job mistakes at the expense of our club..if he is still here at start of next season we are going to have exactly the same kind of season we have had this season one of inconsistency with no silverware at the end of it..we NEED to bit e the bullet now and sart the process of getting rid of this man and bringing in a real journeyman manager . I look at this guy on the touchline and Ive never seen a more miserable looking coach hes totally inanimate...no wonder the lads out there out on the pitch arent inspired to develop the winning mentality that leads to becoming a habit of winning !