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  • We've now sunk to this..............scoreless draws against the bottom.
    I could use some sunshine in this grey grey scenario.. How many times can kicks be directly at the keeper? Can no one find the corner? Should have been 5-0.......and its the same old sorry sorry sorry mess.

    I rermain a loyal Red. Respect for the 96.But.......can we see some killer instinct please Brendan?

    Johnson put in a pathetic effort , Very dissapointed in the lad. Even Luis was kinda uninterested. Only Steve tried to get the three points. Where oh where is our KILLEI INSTINCT? Where is it?

    Too #$%$ off....sorry guys.

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    • Oscar..look at the muppet we call our manager on the touchline...does the image of this miserable looking muppet totally inanimate on the touchline inspire u ...just looking at him tells me where our killer instinct has gone..down the toilet FSG need to start the process of getting rid of this guy NOW because if hes here at the startof next season ucan write the season off mate.

    • Got to have a laugh: "How many times can kicks be directly at the keeper?"

      Did you watch the match Oscar, because it amazes me how good we must have been to have shot the ball directly at the keeper who was diving around making what most commentators called a world class performance.

    • Don't be sorry.. we were damn awful.. Rodgers needs to be held to account for not firing up the teamand for not having the right tactics for when a opponent parks the bus..