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  • Colyn Colyn Apr 15, 2013 15:44 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    I have two issues with Maureen Colin. yes he wins things but it's always a short term plan. At Liverpool the whole club from tea lady through the youth systems, scouts and finally the club management and 1st team needs remodelling. The 1st team manager is critical to that as it is that person that sets the footballing strategy.

    Secondly I've never been a huge fan of his brand of football. I find his press conferences more entertaining.

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    • Not only that he'd want, and need about £150 million to deliver short-term success. He wants the Man Utd job anyway. Even though he was a liverpool fan when younger he has said on the record that he would never manage us.

    • I think Rogers worked with Morinho at Chelski before didnt he..well if Morinho was to be appointed by FSG as our manager and won us The League Championship and sundry other silverware in short order I d have no objection at all to that..as far as Rogers is concerned he could continue his apprenticeship under Morinho's guidance...he has a contract so gets his wage so he should stay and learn and help out or more likely hed just stuff the comp in his back pocket chalk it down to 'experience' and be on his way looking to snow some other gullible owner withhis "Three Hour Presentation"