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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 15, 2013 20:25 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    Do you lads know what an apprentice is? You speak as if Rodgers has no management experience at all, when the facts are actually quite the opposite; he's been involved in coaching for nearly 20 years. But I suppose learning the ropes as a youth coach or a reserve team coach does not count in your eyes, although most would consider this to be the apprenticeship period for first team management.

    But if your only willing to look at experience as a first team manager it’s at Watford and Reading where he cut his teeth, and then I suppose getting promoted from the championship and ensuring his clubs safety by establishing Swansea as a mid-table prem club does not count either. The excuse being it was Martinez's side he got promoted not his own. But if he can't take credit for what he did in 2 seasons at Swansea why should he be blamed for what he's done in less than a season with us. Surely the logic should be if you’re not happy with BR right now, is to blame KD!

    But since we're on the subject of being short sighted or long sighted or the need to have experience doing it at the highest level before being trusted with a top job, I'd just ask some to reflect on what our past great manager did. Shanks had never managed in the top flight before he came to us; it took him 2 full seasons to get promoted back to the first division, then another 2 seasons to win the title. But by the logic on here while some would never have hired him because he'd never done it with a big club before, others would have chucked him out before he finished his first full season, and most likely we'd never have seen what most of us miss.

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    • Dave I was there when Shanks was appointed please dont mention this Muppet Rogers again in the same breath as u use to mention the Great Man. Bill Shankly established an attitude at Anfield that transformed into a winning mentality that in turn became a habit of winning. This guy has just got a collection of individuals without a winning mentality as he hasnt even yet managed to establish the "attitude" that precedes te "winning mentality"....Yes he came from Huddersfield Town and nobody less than Dennis Law himself said that had he not left for Liverpool he would unquestionably have turned Huddersfield into a similar dynasty that he managed to establish at Anfield...Law was his protoge at Huddersfield. He bought in very well and immediately upon his arrival he started to dismantle the first eleven and upon returning to Div 1 made an immediate impact via his signings of RonYeats a towering centrehalf "The Collosus" as he was known and Ian St John to partner Roger Hunt up front along with Cally on one wing and the inspired signing from PNE the flying winger Peter Thompson on the other...he made at this time no poor signings at all and inculcated that winning mentality into his lads...Rogers will never do that because hes incapable of it he can produce an average Prem side maybe mid table side but his sides will always labour under the curse of inconsistency and that is all down to him.

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      • Colin, I'm not comparing BR to Shanks (its years too early to even consider it), just making the point of how little patience some have these days. But to be frank as someone who lived through those days you should already know that, and understand what it actually took to build our club back up and the fact it did not happen overnight, not within a single season, but over several seasons, one piece at a time. Therefore as someone who knows a thing or two about being patient, it’s a little strange that you might adopt the "got to do it immediately" attitude some of the younger generation insist upon.