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  • colin colin Apr 16, 2013 15:42 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    Hobitez...my logic..... results and the football we have been playing this last month the awful inconsistency that plagues this side that derives zero inspiration from their manager inanimate on the sideline. There is a problem some kind of weird undercurrent running through this squad and it needs to be dealt with and Rogers aint the man to deal with it. I believe its there primarily because of him and his style of management. I think despite all the well publicised kick-up-the- #$%$ hes sposed to have given certain players this same tactic isnt working with others hence this weird undercurrent in the squad and I think this is the main reason for the inconsistency in our form. Its HIS JOB to address such problems and I dont think hes doing it. This is a problem of "attitude" where certain members of the squad are concerned.

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    • Hi Colin. I'd say that under current was in the club before Rodgers arrived. You can't do what Shanks did all those years ago and put the whole squad up for sale. Suicide.

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      • Colyn...if as u say the undercurrent was present in the squad before Rogers arrived u could well be right but I suggest that he has done little if anything to remedy the problem and would go as far as to state that he may well have exacerbated the problem via some of te signings hes brought into the club. Shanks did what was necessary he was a hero he was one of us he didnt care about the salary he got what came first at all times were the fans "his kind of people" as he never tired of saying and the club. He inculcated the right attitude in the team and that attitude became a "winning-mentality" and that in turn became a habit of winning. Rogers doesnt care mate he just wants to ave this go down on his CV as a reasonable job done at Anfield rather than have everyhting go wrong and be drummed out of the club by the owners allbeit with a nice wodge of cash in his back-bin. He has created a fairly average inconsistent mid table side nothing more he has no revolutionary ideas but tries to convince hes reinvented the game. Our true style is Pass and MOVE !!! ...whats missing from the equation is the MOVE !!! partin order to give the man withthe ball the maximum of options...I despair for the future of our club if we dont bite the bullet and get rid of this guy come end of season.

    • I'm trying to see your logic here Colin. I don't always agree with you (but I don't always disagree), but I do always try to see where you’re coming from.

      I would say there has been a long standing undercurrent of underachievement at the club, but that has been in place well before BR came on board, and so will take longer than a single season to eradicate. Arguably that flatter to deceive undercurrent has been there for over 2 decades.

      But what are you talking about specifically over the last month. In that time we lost 2 in a row I grant you, and that is not results I think we should put up with, but is two losses signs of some systemic undercurrent? Look at the month before that and it was 5 wins on the trot, what does that tell us?

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      • I bet there's players in the youth / reserve squad who look at how some of the 1st team players are playing, thinking "I could do better than them if only given the chance".. I suspect they'd be correct. The way some of our players have been this season and before it.. have been shockingly bad and don't deserve to wear the shirt.. give a young hungry player the shirt and he'll play with pride and honour of having been given the opportunity. Seems to me many 1st team players have become arrogant and don't appreciate what it means to play for LFC.. Where's the pride? Where's the desire to impress the manager and the fans?