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  • Loki Loki Apr 16, 2013 23:37 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    Colin I have a deep respect for your opinions, this board wouldn't be the same without us all batting back and forth, but sometimes what you say stretches credibility.

    You say Rodgers just wants a reasonable job done at Anfield on his cv. Why? So he can move to a bigger club? There are only about 5 clubs bigger in the world than us. If he did want to move on as you suggest he would need to be a success with us! Perhaps you are suggesting that having LFC on his cv will secure him a decent lower league job or one with a smaller club? Either way, what you've said is the biggest pile of #$%$ written on this board for a long time. Why would a manager not want to be successful? It's ok for you to say you disagree with his tactics and purchases, but that he doesn't want to be successful or he doesnt care about our results? Come on mate!