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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 17, 2013 09:14 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    I bet there's players in the youth / reserve squad who look at how some of the 1st team players are playing, thinking "I could do better than them if only given the chance".. I suspect they'd be correct. The way some of our players have been this season and before it.. have been shockingly bad and don't deserve to wear the shirt.. give a young hungry player the shirt and he'll play with pride and honour of having been given the opportunity. Seems to me many 1st team players have become arrogant and don't appreciate what it means to play for LFC.. Where's the pride? Where's the desire to impress the manager and the fans?

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    • So the reason we've not lived up to your expectations of what we should have achieved this season is because our 1st team players are arrogant, so BR should have given the youth players a chance.

      Of course you don't mean players like: Coates, Kelly, Wisdon or Flanagan; Suso, Sterling, Shelvey, or Morgan do you? I mean these are all players in the reserves or only the fringes of the first team last season but given a chance under BR, so you must be talking about some other youth players right?

      Just wondering if maybe you'd like to be a bit more specific and spell out which youth players should have been given more of a run of games, and which first team players should have been dropped for being arrogant. I'm curious what the ideal stating 11 should have been. Maybe we should run a post-match Hobbs thread; not predicting the starting 11, but naming who should have started, and shaming those that did.

    • Ok then Steer is Morgan a regular starter in the 1st team?

    • Sofa, no Morgan is not a regular starter, but what does that tell you? He did get his chances and not just in preseason but in EL also, and despite us only having one striker for the first half of the season did not gut much of a look in after a few starts. So are you telling me despite him not making an impact because you think he might have the right attitude he should have led the line, and if he had we'd have got better results?

      End of the day attitude is an important factor, but if it’s not tied to quality it’s just not enough. BR has given youth a chance, and when the quality has been there youngsters have made an impact, so again I'm not sure who these unknown youth players with the great attitude are that could have improved our season if only BR had played them.