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  • colin colin Apr 16, 2013 15:48 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    Hobitez ..another question , who has Rogers added to the squad via his transfer dealings since he arrived that has made it a better squad ? Couhtino...yes perhaps. Allen..NO ! Borini ..NO ! Assaidi..NO ! Sturridge..NO ! Now he wants 12 mill to bring in another Swansea deadleg a 28 yr old deadleg too in Williams and he will be another defo NO ! So for the most part whos team is this..Id suggest KK's.

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    • When Rodgers adds 3 or more world class players to the squad and the dross is gone then it's RODGERS team. As Colin says the squad is pretty much made up of KD's. Rodgers needs to quickly stamp his identity on the team. As of yes he hasn't IMO. I still maintain LFC just haven't time to waste in having a manager who is wanting an experimental project. With an experimental manager in Rodgers. We need a manager with a clear vision and knows what he wants for the club. Also I'm fed up of Rodgers being clueless when we face teams who just "park the bus". The man does need more experience but LFC needs someone who is more experienced than Rodgers.

    • Got a bit of a brain teaser as a response for you Colin. Who should get credit for a player when he's bought by one manager but only starts to impress under another?

      There is no doubt a number of KK's signings have looked the business this term, such as Downing, Henderson, and even Suarez who despite his great play since he came to us had been wasteful in front of goal till this season. But who gets the credit, the man who signed them or the man who's coached them?

      If we take your advice and send BR packing, but the likes of Sturridge turns into a 15 plus goal scoring next term who gets the credit? For all we know, shoulder taken care of Allen could actually turn out to be the Welsh Xavi, and while I know you highly doubt this, just maybe without a broken foot we might see what earned Borini a spot at the Euros with Italy, but again will that be a credit to BR for buying him, or however you think should replace him?

      Just another thought about giving credit where its due. I do think BR deserves some credit for progress this term, but also think credit goes to some key positions he's filled. For example fitness, sports medicine and youth development. The latter maybe we won't see for a while, but who should be given credit for the fact Stevie has played every game in the league this season and that Agger has been available almost for the entire season. Both I think have never happened before.

    • So you're prepared to give KK's signings two years when they were pants for 18 months of that while Rodgers signings are pants from Day 1?

      However, I'll agree with you that Borini has a lot of work to do to impress me. Lucas did as well to be honest and I'm still not 100% convinced. The stats say otherwise though. No idea what the story on Assaidi is. Disappeared as has Suso.

      Still too early for Sturridge but he did start extremely well while Coutinho is making all the right noises.

      I'll bow to your knowledge of Williams. I haven't seen enough to comment.

      I honestly don't think that anyone could do a mucetter job with the resources available. The rick for me is to build.