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  • Colyn Colyn Apr 16, 2013 16:23 Flag

    Why should LFC be Rodgers guinea pig?

    So you're prepared to give KK's signings two years when they were pants for 18 months of that while Rodgers signings are pants from Day 1?

    However, I'll agree with you that Borini has a lot of work to do to impress me. Lucas did as well to be honest and I'm still not 100% convinced. The stats say otherwise though. No idea what the story on Assaidi is. Disappeared as has Suso.

    Still too early for Sturridge but he did start extremely well while Coutinho is making all the right noises.

    I'll bow to your knowledge of Williams. I haven't seen enough to comment.

    I honestly don't think that anyone could do a mucetter job with the resources available. The rick for me is to build.