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    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    So, it's very early doors for this, but for me, it's never too "early doors" for this, as I always like to keep tabs on players all over, and see who makes sense, who might come with smoke where there's a fire, and dismiss those that make no sense whatsoever... BUT, for this thread, I thought I'd steer clear of all the names mentioned in any conversations and rumors, and pick some names that could make sense based on needs and for conversations sake.. It would also be refreshing to change away from talking about a muppet sabotaging a team to polish his CV, while said club was 4th in the league in scoring and level with Cech for clean sheets and the golden glove.. Boring stuff..

    So, obviously with Carra hanging em up and presumably Skrtel and Coates being moved on, we need 2 defenders in my opinion since Kelly/Wisdom probably aren't ready or healthy/consistent enough. One with experience, and one with true class caliber, so for the experience purpose I though of 2 names, both which can do a real job for 2-3 years imo, and be had on the cheap..

    - Fabriccio Coloccinni.. He seemed to desparately want out of Newcastle in January, and while it was said he wanted to go home, I think if some big clubs express interest, he'd stay and move. Yes, he's 30, but last year, he was absolutely superb, and when fit, he's the leader and a very good CB. I think he could do a job for 2 years, and be had for 5M or less since he won't resign. My other suggestion would be Olsson or McCauley from West Brom.. 2 names we know all too well from set plays against us. Both actually better skilled than given credit for, big, commanding and not old. From WBA, probably 5-6M for either..

    - Striker... I don't see any way of them staying up really, and for his caliber, age and skill, can't see any way he'd want to stay in the championship and is a true #9 with bags of pace and killer finishing.. Loic Remy.. He's been on everyone's want list, and done really well there.. 8M I'd think would do it..

    - LB.. Seriously, not because of me, but because of how well he's done, and his versatility in a team that really only cares about being physical and playing defence. Geoff Cameron of Stoke.. As a USA international, he's locked his place, and been excellent for those barbarians, and can play both CB/LB.. They're in the drop zone and I actually hope they go down, and I could see him as a 4-5M player..

    - Playmaker CAM - Back to Geordie land we go.. Clearly a player of his caliber can't be happy to be sitting so low as a fairly young France Int'l, so Cabaye would be brilliant. Wouldn't be the cheapest, but well worth it.

    - Hard man who can play the middle - Back to Hawethorns we go.. Claudio Yacob has been absolutely incredible for WBA this year, his first in the prem. He's pushing to be an Argentinian Int'l, and he probably needs a big profile move to compete with Mascherano, Banega, Granero etc. I was reading on him, and he has one of the highest tack %'s in the prem, and would cost peanuts.. Obv the other name is Diame, but I'm only steering clear because I wanted to toss out some "cheeky" ideas of my own.

    And yes, for now, I only stuck to the Prem. In another thread I'll throw out names of players in Europe.. Anyways.. just curious on thoughts on these guys..


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    • Jason..clearly my post on Rogers CV has been grossly misinterpreted ? I was only suggesting that the one thing he didnt want to happen was a catastrophe where he found himself managing a side desperately trying to manouvre away from the drop zone late season hence my using the term he wanted to do "a reasonable job". I mean what could possibly look worse on a manager with ambition than presiding over the relegation of Liverpool FC ? I feel truthfully the extent of his ambition for us this season was simply to achieve a position in the upper half of the division. Do u dispute his signings for the most part have at this stage of the game proven to be not much better than mediocre ? Couhtino seems to be the only one with what could be considered a "natural talent" the rest seem like busts and now he wants to bring in Williams another very average player but yet again one he has managed previously as is the case with Sturridge Borini Allen. I have pôsted up that he does have some very good ideas the introduction of the sports medcine team has been marvellous and certainly has made all the difference to Stevie G this season but again I think Rogers just isnt the man for the job of manager of Liverpool football club.....if he keeps bringing in average players on te supposition he can transform them via some metamorphic processs into great players created to play to perfection his "system" then Im afraid we are in for a couple very inconsistent seasons ..so imo better to bite the bullet end of season and offer him a backroom position on the same money hes on now and appoint a seasoned pro manager to get us back where we belong ..among the elite of Europe.

    • Ok I'm confused.

      On other threads I read about huge objections to signing a players from Swansea, a mid table team by all accounts.

      Here I read approval for players from QPR, Reading, Wigan, Southampton, Stoke, and West Brom. There's a real chance that 3 of those may get relegated but that's still ok.

      for me I think you can find the players you need at any level. (Everton and Coleman for example) but there seems to be one story for certain teams and another for others.

      Balance perhaps???????

    • I think Granero might be Spanish ;)
      Honestly though Collocini could do a job, he is very slow though, think that could get caught out. The West Brom boys would be of no interest to us, as good as they may be at defending in the box, the playing 30 yards apart with the fullbacks gone up the pitch is quite a different game.
      Remy, an easy yes, quality player, how nobody got him before I do not know.
      I don't like Cameron, or Stoke, or any of their defenders including Shawcross.
      Jacob is a very tidy player, technically sound and definitely got a bit of the Mascherano about him. Cabaye would be excellent but very expensive, thinking £20m bracket, to be honest, I would feel happier going with Eriksen, I think he will be a little bit cheaper but with the potential to go on to another level.

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      • I agree on Shawcross. I know I threw his name in the hat a while ago but having seen a bit more and Stoke's current record it's a case of "RUN AWAY" from me.

        Colin will no doubt throw the Carroll blunderbus into the equation. That's a watch this space for me. He has something, the question is it the right stuff and does he have enough of it.

        Others are too early for me.

    • If we are looking at players we know for sure will be for sale and on the cheap, I am fancying a relegation raid. I would take in a heartbeat from QPR: Samba, Remy, Taraabt. Maybe we could loan them a few kids as a sweetener! Taraabt might be the one people would question but I think his talent struggles in a team that defends so deeply and he would glitter in a highlined possesion based side.

      Alex Mccarthy is a young keeper and after that showing last weekend, he would be a great no.2 to Pepe or at least fight with Jones.

      With regards to Wigan (probable droppers?) I would consider Maynor Figueroa, not amazing but could cover left back and left centre back in emergency. Then you have Di Santo on a free transfer as a possible 'plan b'.

      To be honest, the more I look at them, the more I realise that none of them are amazing. No doubting that Remy, Taraabt and Mccarthy would improve our squad especially if you considered them replacements for Borini, Assaidi and Gulacsi.

    • Love this. Some great names in there, Remy and Cabaye are obviously pure class, both have fitness issues and will be sought after. Still both would improve our team if we could land them. I think Colocini really wanted to head home for personnel reasons, can't see him moving to another prem club, would have been useful though.
      I hadn't thought about any of the WBA names you've mentioned, I've heard Yacob being talked about but havn't taken any notice. i'd best get on youtube!

      I think I've said in other threads that I think we need someone with a winning mentality, someone from a top team who knows what it is to be expected to win every match. How about Raul Albiol?? Out of favour at Madrid and with the emergence of there young star (can't remember his name) doesn't look like he'd stand a chance of getting a regular first team place. He's been in the Spain squad for a while so with that and Real knows all about winning. Can play CB, RB and DM. So could be the cover for Lucas that we need as well.

      On the Kelly/Wisdom point. I think Kelly could be ready to play a bigger part next season, we'll see. But if we don't give him a chance he can't hang around for ever.

    • Nice ideas.. Wouldn't cost the earth to get them either.. I wonder if BR is thinking along similar lines?