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  • Loki Loki Apr 17, 2013 18:36 Flag

    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    Some good names there Jase I like this game. If we're sticking to the Prem, Shawcross might want to move, Hangeland even though he's just signed a contract. For a LB what about the young lad at Soton? Might cost a few quid though. I have no thoughts yet on midfielders and strikers.

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    • Hey Loki,

      The one I'd vehemently disagree with, (personally) is Shawcross. To me, he's a big, slow, goon, whose made some horror tackles. If we were building an army to fight King Longshanks in Braveheart, then yes. BUT, while on Stoke, along with my countrymen Cameron who plays CB/LB, I actually think Huth could be very classy, and he's great on set pieces.

      Hangeland is a good shout, and heck, after the performance put in 2 weeks ago at Anfield, how about Collins? I don't think anyone could ever say it 100%, but he damn nearly had Suarez in his pocket all match. I doubt Spuds would sell to us, but he's already very classy to me and in line for England, so I'd say Caulker would be fantastic, despite having played for Rodgers at Swansea, and there's a Spanish lad, who just doesn't get time at Arsenal, Ignasio Miquel.. On the few occasions I've seen him in the prem, he's looked a talent, needs better/higher level training, and Arsenal's strong suit isn't nor ever will be defence..

      Worth a shout, and if I'm going to just toss out one wild card, not sure if you all remember him, but Mikel San Jose was a player Rafa bought, never used, then sold to Athletic Bilbao, and now he's a key figure in their defense. Cultured w/ English experience and obviously a very good season last year, while good "football" technique..