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  • Colyn Colyn Apr 18, 2013 11:26 Flag

    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    Ok I'm confused.

    On other threads I read about huge objections to signing a players from Swansea, a mid table team by all accounts.

    Here I read approval for players from QPR, Reading, Wigan, Southampton, Stoke, and West Brom. There's a real chance that 3 of those may get relegated but that's still ok.

    for me I think you can find the players you need at any level. (Everton and Coleman for example) but there seems to be one story for certain teams and another for others.

    Balance perhaps???????

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    • Actually I was thinking the same thing when some agreed about buying a couple of the lads from Newcastle. Some have said we should never buy from Swansea, or Roma because of some perceived flops, but surely we should be assessing the individual player as to whether they are a good fit and value for money, not where they come from.

    • Guilty as charged. I guess I just haven't heard enough about Williams on MOTD for him to be counted as one of those diamonds in the rough! If he was from a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country i'd probably change my mind to be honest!

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      • Every team, no matter how low in the table, has at least 1-2 good players, and they always deserve a chance to move to a bigger and better club, rather than just being assumed they are as bad the whole of the squad..

        Anyone remember where Antonio Valencia came from? Wigan, with Steve Bruce, and while having an off year, can be dynamite on his day at Utd..

        I'll throw another name in here and he's not coming from the bottom, but from the top where he's wasted an entire year of his life, after an amazing 2011/2012 team.. SCOTT SINCLAIR.. I believe he was Swans player of the year, better than any attacking player we had last year not named Suarez, and only 24, with pace, dribbling and goals in his locker. Unless he's content with his 3 league appearances and 66" played all year at City, I think he'd jump blindfolded at a chance to join Liverpool, and the hypocricy, which well be "tbd" until this is read and commented on, is that every one of us said early on, if there was a Swan or two we'd want Rodgers to bring, he was consensus # 1, with Gylfi and Allen .. Sinclair could really do a job, especially as a replacement for Assaidi, and a chip on his shoulder to try and get recognized for international play after his GB performance, where I thought he was top 4 with Allen, Sturridge and Bellamy.. My opninion of course, but you can't teach his pace and dribbling, or that chip on the shoulder.. Doubt City will fight to keep him either considering Mancini says he can spend 150M this summer for Cavani, Falcao, Neymar, Messi, Pele and Maradona, despite the FA's new Financial rules written in stone