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  • Hobitez Hobitez Apr 18, 2013 12:03 Flag

    Some Cheeky Summer Moves..

    I think Granero might be Spanish ;)
    Honestly though Collocini could do a job, he is very slow though, think that could get caught out. The West Brom boys would be of no interest to us, as good as they may be at defending in the box, the playing 30 yards apart with the fullbacks gone up the pitch is quite a different game.
    Remy, an easy yes, quality player, how nobody got him before I do not know.
    I don't like Cameron, or Stoke, or any of their defenders including Shawcross.
    Jacob is a very tidy player, technically sound and definitely got a bit of the Mascherano about him. Cabaye would be excellent but very expensive, thinking £20m bracket, to be honest, I would feel happier going with Eriksen, I think he will be a little bit cheaper but with the potential to go on to another level.

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    • I agree on Shawcross. I know I threw his name in the hat a while ago but having seen a bit more and Stoke's current record it's a case of "RUN AWAY" from me.

      Colin will no doubt throw the Carroll blunderbus into the equation. That's a watch this space for me. He has something, the question is it the right stuff and does he have enough of it.

      Others are too early for me.