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  • colin colin Apr 18, 2013 12:19 Flag

    The ongoing progress of Andy Carrol

    How long have I been telling u lads this boy is ....THE BUSINESS ? KK knew he was signing a lad who could do the job. Thankfully he seems to have got his injury problems under control and looks better by the game, he also hit the upright with a lovely goal bound low drive from about 20metres that had De Gia beat. He was voted official MoM V UniTURD and defo got right up SAF's red nose which tells u hes doing his job ! Also do u recall his game v UniTURD at Anfield for us? Old Red Nose wasnt too happy with his presence then either...BRENDAN ROGERS TAKE NOTE !
    One of the reasons his value has been driven so low , 7mill according to latest gobshyte Newcastle estimate is because our fans called out there own player and insulted him through longish injury spells...but they stood by him at WHU and wouldnt be surprised if Big Sam doesnt pick up his option of buying the lad end of season with WHU having avoided the drop but hes a shrew fellah and would say he isnt sure if Andy C will be with them come end of season to provoke other idiot managers ie Pardew into making daft low ball bids to open the door for him to negotiate a slight reduction on the agreed upon fee of 17 mill plus remember they paid a nonrefundable 3 mill LOAN FEE to us at begining of season for Andy's services so he knows he holds the whip hand on the deal over any other clubs with first refusal to him and WHU.

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    • Col, you have to throw a full stop in those sentences every now and again to stop it looking like an encrazed ramble ;) Whoa.....lets just calm down a wee bit, it is just 4 good games, I think Sturridge had 4 of them back in January! I would definitely say he is has at least got his foot in the door. I was a big Andy fan, never wanted him to leave though I understood why. He still wouldnt fit our system, I can't see him popping up on the left and right or taking people on but he is going to be back with us in pre season. That will be the biggest pre season of his career, if he starts on fire then he could force his way into the plans and fair play to him if he does.
      A word of caution though, there is a World Cup at the end of next season, he will be wanting to play in it and to do so he will need to be playing regularly, likewise Sturridge. Let us be honest, I can't really see a Sturridge-Suarez-Carroll front 3 so a move is probably still on the cards.
      It won't be West Ham, they have already said they can't afford his wages, let alone the transfer fee.