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  • Loki Loki Apr 18, 2013 19:57 Flag

    The ongoing progress of Andy Carrol

    Perhaps we should convert him to a midfielder!

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    • Loki hes all;over rthe field at Upton Pk.! Thats what I often noticed abouthim he wouldtrack back quite a lot at certain points in the game and seemed to beanticipating well where the ball wouldend up . He isnt a lazy player hes involved and yes let him roam in the upper regions of the midfield ...why not ?

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      • Colin, I thought a while back you advocated players should not be played out of position. I thought this was your stance when it came to players like Kuyt and others when complaining Rafa always played them out of position.

        Surely playing what most would describe as a traditional English centre forward as an attacking midfielder would not be getting the best out of him. Personally I rate AC, he can be a very effective offensive player as we saw late last season, as many Newcastle supports know, and how the WHU fans see him now. However I'm not sure I rate him above Suarez, and as don't see him setting up alongside Suarez, don't see him best suited to line up wide, and would rather not see Suarez relegated as wide player, I see the best option of keeping him only as a plan B.

      • Ok Colin, lets play your game even though I have nothing against Carroll (I'm not sure anyone on here has).

        1) do we build a team around Carroll of is he just plan B from the bench?
        2) do we change our tactics or does he adapt to our new game?
        3) how many goals would you see him getting per season?