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  • colin colin Apr 19, 2013 23:43 Flag

    The ongoing progress of Andy Carrol

    Dave...I have always thought when in form Andy C seemed to cover a lot of ground and seeing as there are usually quite a lot of set pieces to both attack and defend in a game and seeing as he was usually to be found back defending said set pieces as well as attacking them at other end of pitch rather what I meant was instead of just seeing the lad in a cliched way as someone to lump high balls up the middle to give him carte blanche to roam a little dont think that relegates Suarez to a wide role.

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    • Your right it does not have to relegate Suarez out wide, if your going to play Andy behind the striker. But that does mean your going to play AC out of position which is something in the past you've been dead set against, and it does mean your going to relegate another player currently in the starting 11 either the bench or to another position. Maybe if I saw your starting 11 formation with AC included I'd better understand, but as I don't see AC playing wide, don't want him playing up top instead of Suarez, and I'd rather see either Stevie in the AM role, or a rotation where the midfielders can either hold or push forward, I'm not sure I'd put AC in the middle either.

    • I don't deny he's a real asset to have on set plays, and your right that is true at both ends of the pitch, I'm just wondering where you play him during open play?

      Does he become the main striker, in which case where does Suarez line up, left or right? Does Andy go wide so Suarez can remain our main striker? Or, do you play him out of position (which I think you hated managers for doing when Rafa was in charge) in the midfield, in which case who gets dropped?