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  • LFC_Armchair_Supporter LFC_Armchair_Supporter Apr 21, 2013 21:34 Flag

    All Liverpool signings to be decided by committee

    Exactly my point all transfers will have little to do with Rodgers.. it'll have to be approved by this committee.. what if during their deciding amongst themselves a hot prospect comes along.. and we miss out on him cos of their indecision?

    • It's press hype again. This happens at every club. The manager knows who he wants and the people with the purse strings make the decision and the deal.

      Be sensible Armchair. Look at Tottenham. Who makes the deals there? Levy not AVB or Arry before him. How do yo think pr expect Rodgers to value a player, decide what his wage structure will be when he has little idea of how much money there is.

      It makes perfect sense that everyone at the club understands what's going on before you go and blow £10m. I'd certainly want to talk about it.