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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 25, 2013 15:28 Flag

    TEN match ban?

    Robert, the new format does not allow me to reply directly but hopefully you'll see this as a response to your post below.

    I actually think the sanction should be more than the standard 3 match ban for the first reason, the act being deliberate. While I don't think it was premeditated, I think its fairly obvious that it was no accident, therefore you can see intent. This would be in comparison to a nasty challenge that resulted in a leg break for example. The level of violence might in that case be higher, however most likely there was no intent to injure.

    However I do think 10 matches is excessive as its more that 3 times the normal sanction. Of course we'll have to see the FA report, but I think we see other acts of violent behavior, many of which its clear to see intent getting only a single match beyond the standard, or doubling, but not sure I've seen many that more than triple it. Going back to Barton, 12 games for 3 offenses, so essentially 4 games per offense.

    The only logic I can see, and I think this is what your suggesting is that it is due to prior acts that he's been charged with. However the FA should not and is supposed to no take into account acts outside its jurisdiction. If they have then they have overstepped their bounds. I mean would we stand for it if FIFA doubles or triples a sanction against Rooney playing for England because he's been a bad boy on occasions for United?

    So the prior, and I'm not sure if this is what your saying or not, is the racial abuse case? Logic being as he's not learnt his lesson from an 8 match ban, the FA decided to add on a couple more? But did he racially abuse the Serb defender? I'm not sure that makes any sense. But if that is the new precedent that players who have been in hot water before, and are charged again, need to have their punishment increased, even if the charges are unrelated, then we're going to see some quite lengthy bans going forward. Think about it, if we add on a game or two every time a player receives a fresh ban, then actually Barton got away extremely lightly, as the new position of the FA actually might have banned the lad from the English game till he's forty something, Scholes should have received a lifetime ban ages ago with all the red cards he's picked up and obviously never learnt from, and don't get me started on JT.