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  • Armchair, Suarez is a repeat offender.

    The FA are likely to take his previous track record of biting into account in this case, hence the governing body's statement that the standard punishment of a three-match ban is insufficient.

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    • I expected between 8 - 12 game ban, guys if he played for anyone else you would be wanting him out of the country, this petulant boy in him needs to learn. 10 games = Fair.

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      • Well got to give you credit as you hit the prediction dead on with it being a 10 match ban. However got to tell you the "if he played for anyone else you would be wanting him out of the country" is a double edged comment. I think if he did play for someone else, perhaps Utd, those fans would feel he's been treated harshly.

        There are plenty of petulant boys playing in the prem, most of whom don't learn their lessons either, but we don't see any of them being told to get out of the country. Put it this way, is there any doubt that JT is a tad bit petulant, been found guilty of racism by the FA, and while I grant not used his teeth, used violence on the pitch.