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  • For burying those teeth into Ivanovic's arm, all due credit to the Chelsea defender for not retaliating though. Madness!

    Great game but ruined by Suarez antics again.

    Sadly his childish antics will grab the headline again.

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    • I read Defoe bit a player sometime ago and only got a 3 match ban.. double standards methinks.. if Defoe gets only a 3 match ban then so should Suarez.

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      • Armchair, Suarez is a repeat offender.

        The FA are likely to take his previous track record of biting into account in this case, hence the governing body's statement that the standard punishment of a three-match ban is insufficient.

      • Your right that Defoe did bite, and the circumstances are not so different, but because they let the card given on the pitch stand as the only punishment does not mean Suarez should in effect get away with it. But where do you really stand on this, on another thread you stated Suarez should be banned for the rest of the season then sold, but now it seems he should only get a slap on the wrist. Have you changed your mind?

      • Defoe was given a yellow card in that match, as the ref had seen it and felt at the time it warranted a card, so the FA decided not to interject, and from my understanding Defoe was given no ban because of the ref's decision and card.

        In this instance, the ref had not seen it, did not issue a yellow card, so the FA has free reigns to give any ban they deem necessary. And unfortunately, whether any of us likes it or not, or accepts it or not, his prior indiscretions will play a factor, so a ban for the remainder of this season only seems very unlikely, with something around 8 - 10 games looking very possible.

        I'd love to say 5 and another hefty fine, and hope for that, but I doubt it, and sometimes I'm not sure he'll learn his lesson. I don't care what player, or what team, or what anyone else says, there's no room for BITING in any professional sport, especially not twice..

    • Just as I expected, a 10 match ban has been handed to Suarez.

      I think it would be difficult for the club to argue for less game ban given his chequered past. The good thing for Liverpool is this season is gone and they have nothing to play for, therefore half of his punishment can be served this season if they didn't contest FA rulings.

    • I think a 10 match ban would have been OK if there had been that number of games left in the season. I think this is an attempt by some to drive him out of the English game. Another way to do it would have been to ban him for the number of games left and deduct a number of points from Liverpool total. At the end of the season, it would be start again with a clean slate and not have to wait until October to get a kick.

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      • I will admit Liverpool is my "second" club after Spurs but I am gutted that this once great, and highly respected club throughout the World, is being dragged through the mud by one mentally ill player and a management team that is trying to defend the indefensible. Yes, you need to support each other but only to a point and if they can't see that this incident, along with his background and previous conduct, has gone way past the point of normal, then I feel sorry for the club and the fans. Oh, and if that's not bad enough, sanctioning the buying of players as average as Carrol, Dowling and Henderson should be enough to warrant a full scale clear out of the whole Board!