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  • I agree, not going to start hating the lad, but does leave you scratching the head. To be honest there is no defense, and when I saw the replay just had to sit there trying to get my jaw to go back up, its just not on.

    But I'm not ready to run him out of the club. The first bite in Holland I thought was just a moment of madness, and racial case I still see as one mans word against another so while I never saw Suarez as an angel I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but a second round of biting tells me the lad has some real issues in controlling himself on the pitch. I've heard some say its an anger management issue, but I don't see him as an angry man, so think its actually deeper than that.

    My first reaction was to wait to see what the player and the club do, and I'm glad both have come out right away to take responsibility and to apologize. The next step is the punishment phase, which I think he has to take on the chin no matter what it is. I'm not sure it should be the 10 games some have called for, but it maybe unlikely he'll play again this season, and I'd be fine with that. But after that is what does Suarez and the club do to address this going forward. For me the boy needs some help.

    So I'd not run him out the club. Some will never change their mind about Suarez especially rival supporters (although I have a feeling they'd feel different if he played for their club), and to be honest I don't really care if some people in the media or rival fans keep up the vitriol, but what is important is that Suarez address the issue directly, honestly so he can get himself right.

    Our motto is You'll Never Walk Alone, that does not mean we forgive any transgression just because someone is a red, but it does mean we look after our own. If Suarez wants to walk alone then so be it, he'll be gone in the summer, but that would be true, or should be true of any Liverpool player, whether world class or just a plodder, if he wants to put himself above the club. But, if Suarez wants help and seeks it out the club should give it to him, and the fans should support that process imo.

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    • He is a rat,looks like one and acts like one.A disgrace.Get rid.

    • Dave

      You think deeply about things; could this be something resembling Tourette's, where he has an irresistible impulse to do something?

      As an aside, I know someone who knows Evra reasonably well and the word is that the abuse really did happen - not wishing to re-open old wounds and argue water under the bridge, but it could be another symptom in a chain of behaviours, if you theory is correct.... and I can see where you are coming from, he may need professional help. And I'm commenting as a human being, not a (opposing) football club supporter.

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      • Hey Ralf, even though i know you’re a manc I do appreciate and welcome your comments on here. I'm not sure about the Tourette's diagnosis as I'm not a doctor or mental health professional, but I thought this condition was symptomatic of not being able to stop acting out, either verbally or physically, while Suarez seems to go long periods of time with any kind of outburst, and while they are of course bias, it seems most of his team mates have nothing but good things to say about the lad.

        I'm not sure a message board is the best place to try and work out his condition, but I'd guess it’s more an inability to control outbursts during extreme emotional times. Not a great thing for a footballer who is constantly being wound up by defenders every week, so whether with us or elsewhere he needs to learn how to keep a lid on things.

        But that is my point, while I do think he deserves to be punished for yesterday, and it seems the FA are charging him with violent conduct and may go beyond the normal 3 match ban, which I don't have an issue with, what he really needs is some kind of counseling and or treatment. Maybe he's the Latin Gazza, who let’s be honest we all feel a little sorry for now, and wish someone had stepped in earlier to help him out.

    • Dave, thanks for the kind words. I do wonder how many ex-pros have real problems that we never hear of and Gazza is an appropriate and poignant reference.

      I can't really see the point of the FA punishing him for this incident (probably Ivanovic can, as the 'bitee'), but pulling his registration for a period and making a return conditional on getting some some help would, IMHO, be more appropriate. If a guy does a crazy thing like that and can't control himself, what does banning him achieve?