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  • Shocking. No defence. The club need to come out straight away with a public dressing down and the FA should ban him big time.

    Onto other matters ... an ongoing theme for our club. Every corner Chelsea had created panic - every corner Liverpool had they might as well have passed the the ball back to them. Sort it out BR

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    • I was obviously shocked by the behaviour of Suarez (as others have said, this guy really does need help) BUT I'm stunned by the reaction of the club. We know we are going nowhere this season and it's a certainty that the FA will ban Suarez for the rest of this season (at least!) so why didn't the club pre-empt them and issue their own ban until the end of the season? An apology is nice (though pretty meaningless to most people who've seen this incident) and a fine is a joke for someone earning his money. If the club banned him themselves they would take the wind out of the sails of everyone who's now lining up to have a go at our club for a weak reaction. You have to ask if those running our club have learned nothing from the last Suarez fiasco? I want to see Liverpool FC in the headlines for all the right reasons again.

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      • I will admit Liverpool is my "second" club after Spurs but I am gutted that this once great, and highly respected club throughout the World, is being dragged through the mud by one mentally ill player and a management team that is trying to defend the indefensible. Yes, you need to support each other but only to a point and if they can't see that this incident, along with his background and previous conduct, has gone way past the point of normal, then I feel sorry for the club and the fans. Oh, and if that's not bad enough, sanctioning the buying of players as average as Carrol, Dowling and Henderson should be enough to warrant a full scale clear out of the whole Board!

    • I agree Paddy, and it looks like the first step has begun with the club not hiding and fining him. I'm sure the FA will sanction him, so that will take care of itself, but I'd add a third, which is the boy needs some professional help.

      On the other matters your right. The only exception was the first corning of the second half which we took short and was the only set play where we really put the Chelsea goal under threat. Why do we not take more short corners?

    • Paddy think we would be far more of a threat from corners were BR to do something thats a no brainer which is instead of having Gerrard take them all leave him lurking on the edge of the box to pick up a potentialy stray ball or clearance and have Downing take the corners.

    • I'm not going to start hating on Suarez now, we all know he's capable of this, it is the flip side of the same animal instinct that causes havoc in opposition boxes. Ivanovic will survive, but I think Suarez should see a doctor. To feel compelled to do that is not normal. I feel sorry for the guy, imagine having to face your wife and kids after that.

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      • I agree, not going to start hating the lad, but does leave you scratching the head. To be honest there is no defense, and when I saw the replay just had to sit there trying to get my jaw to go back up, its just not on.

        But I'm not ready to run him out of the club. The first bite in Holland I thought was just a moment of madness, and racial case I still see as one mans word against another so while I never saw Suarez as an angel I was willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, but a second round of biting tells me the lad has some real issues in controlling himself on the pitch. I've heard some say its an anger management issue, but I don't see him as an angry man, so think its actually deeper than that.

        My first reaction was to wait to see what the player and the club do, and I'm glad both have come out right away to take responsibility and to apologize. The next step is the punishment phase, which I think he has to take on the chin no matter what it is. I'm not sure it should be the 10 games some have called for, but it maybe unlikely he'll play again this season, and I'd be fine with that. But after that is what does Suarez and the club do to address this going forward. For me the boy needs some help.

        So I'd not run him out the club. Some will never change their mind about Suarez especially rival supporters (although I have a feeling they'd feel different if he played for their club), and to be honest I don't really care if some people in the media or rival fans keep up the vitriol, but what is important is that Suarez address the issue directly, honestly so he can get himself right.

        Our motto is You'll Never Walk Alone, that does not mean we forgive any transgression just because someone is a red, but it does mean we look after our own. If Suarez wants to walk alone then so be it, he'll be gone in the summer, but that would be true, or should be true of any Liverpool player, whether world class or just a plodder, if he wants to put himself above the club. But, if Suarez wants help and seeks it out the club should give it to him, and the fans should support that process imo.

    • He should be banned until the end of the season then sold to the highest bidder..

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      • What happened to 'you should never sell your best players Or you end up with an average team then?' - You change like the wind Armchair!

      • Maybe I'm just getting too cynical and what happened today at Anfield was actually a moment of madness by Suarez, but I'm having a lot of trouble believing that he didn't do it on purpose.

        I want to believe that Suarez was frustrated at the time about the way the game was going against his team and as a result he lost his mojo, but I can't. My mind keeps telling me that he knew exactly what he was doing and it was done intentionally to embarrass the club and force them into selling him to the highest bidder in the closed season since the likelihood of CL football at Anfield next season is almost zero.

        I truly hope that my assumptions are wrong and it wasn't pre-planned by him.

        Maybe I'm getting too old and too cynical.

    • He's our Suraez, better than Torres (obviously)
      He came from AJax, to Liverpool (