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  • Was Liverpool playing today? Doesn't seem that match commentators were aware. A bit nauseating to have to endure the fawning one-sided bloody yapping in Chelsea's favour. At least the lads rescued a deserved point. What ever happened to fair and neutral commentary?

    I hope Chelsea finish fifth. Abramovich and his millions can go to hell.

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    • Actually my preference is for them to stay in the top 4. Selfish I know, but whether they get CL money or not they will keep spending this summer, while if either Spurs or Arsenal miss out they will think twice about spending money they don't have coming in, which means a little less competition in the market this summer for us.

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      • Arsenal missing 4th would be an absolute catastrophe for them since they show no ambition to be big spenders despite being probably the most financially well off / sound team in the top, and with Arsene in no rush to step down and leading them to no trophies for the 30th year in a row.

        Spurs would be equally painful since it would be nearly impossible to keep Bale, or add some of the players I imagine AVB would be looking at such as Moutinho, Damaio and a few others, whereas like Dave says, Chelsea will still be able to spend. They actually still have a lot of high salaries to shed in Ferreira, Malouda, Benayoun, and a couple of others which might include Torres Lampard and even a surprise in Cech / Terry..

        Chelsea will be Chelsea until they fall out of the criteria in the EPLs version of FFP.

    • I SEE YOUR SIGNING UP ORKS FROM LORD OF THE RINGS...roberts bought one on to sought out oscar..........who was at that time running the match.....