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    We actually played some football yesterday, any comments?

    I understand why most of the discussion is dominated by Suarez today, but anyone care to comment about the actually football played during the game?

    For me Agger, who has been great most of the season, needs to hang his head in shame. Maybe he thought a little tiny Brazilian would not be a threat from a corner, but he should know any decent player who is allowed to run around the 6 yard box unmarked is likely to be a threat.

    Torres was, well Torres. Other than the elbow which to be honest looked accidental, not sure I remember much from him.

    Suarez, putting the mid-match Serbian snack aside, it was the best and worst from him. The pass to Sturridge was sublime, as was the goal in the last minute of stoppage time. But the handball took all the momentum out of us.

    Sturridge has been in for some criticism of late, which I think is unfortunate as he was never going to keep up the rabid pace of scoring he had when he first arrived, and remember he also took a knock. But for some its second nature to look for bad news. But yesterday I think he really was the key to the comeback, and if the wind had not been knocked out of our sails by the penalty might have been the inspiration to go on for a winner.

    So got to give BR some credit also, as substitutions do change games, and there is no doubt he went for it yesterday. He seems to get some stick for not being animated enough on the touchline or not willing to change the system to get a result, but seem to remember a few fist punches yesterday from him, and there is no doubt he mixed things up in the second half to chance a result, so credit where its due.

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    • Hate to say it mate but Oscar was Carragher's man, it is still part zonal what we did and he attacked the zone in front of JC except he came out late, you can tell he knows it but by his reaction afterwards, it was woeful and sadly unsurprising.

      I know the handball killed us but if you watch the replays I am pretty certain Torres is about to head that in the net, as weird as it sounds I would rather concede the penalty then have him score again against us! Obviously there is no guarantee that 'this Torres' would score against us but it looks as simple a chance as you will see. More importantly, who the hell told Suarez to mark Torres at a corner? Surely that should be a more responsible defenders job!

      We played poop in first half but the selection of Coutinho over Sturridge was justified on recent performance efforts. His display when he came on was excellent, it was similar when he played his other club Man City. I know people play up against there old clubs but you do have to wonder why they can't play like that every week, he looks world class when he is having one of those days.

      When he did the 180 spin and long range shot of the post I had my hairs standing on end! Great finish for the first equaliser as well.

      Luis Suarez played fantastically in the second half, the header and the assist were awesome, he bit Ivanovic, it is what it is, people have blown up way too much. Would you rather wake up on Monday morning with a bite mark on your arm or a broken leg, nose or even a Rooney style gashed quad? The guy is a nut job but a deliberate act of violence is what it is, the level of injury caused by it should be something to do with the punishment. How can anyone explain how a deliberate leg breaker is deemed a lesser crime then a bite?! Chelsea got lucky to stay level, they should quit bemoaning the added time, it is pretty easy to calculate. Petr Cech was amazing, if he isnt in the team of the season then there is something wrong.

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      • I'm not sure about the marking on the corner. At first I also thought it was Carra, but on the replay (from behind the goal) it was clear Agger pointed to Oscar and mouth "I've got him". Now maybe if we were employing a zonal plan of sorts responsibilities changed, but Agger let Oscar run away from him while he stay rooted to the spot not marking anyone. Mind you, if anyone knows how to breakdown and get an advantage over a zonal marking system it has to be Rafa.

        On the handball I do agree with you. Who knows if Torres would have got his head on it, but I do think despite Suarez turning his head, it was a deliberate act to prevent Torres getting on the ball. And, like the world cup handball I don't condemn Suarez for conceding a penalty to try and help out his side. However I do think it killed the momentum we had coming out from halftime when we really had a head of steam.

        I also agree it was not a bad move to start the Brazilian over Sturridge, but to be honest I think the player who let us down in the first half was Henderson who just did not seem to get a foot on the ball and maintain possession, and I can't remember the number of times he gave the ball away. I've been impressed with Jordan recently, but till Stevie took control of the midfield I think it was Chelsea who dominated much of the play. But I will say despite the fast movement Chelsea enjoyed in the first half, from open play I'm not sure they put Pepe's goal under any significant pressure.

        On Suarez I've covered this on other threads but I do tend to agree with you. He's been charged with violent conduct which is appropriate, and as it was a blatant act increasing from the standard 3 match ban may be warranted, however I agree with you the level of violence was mild (although it was weird) compared to other cases of violent conduct we see most weekends, so the final judgement should be measured.

    • "We actually played some football yesterday, any comments?"

      Steer, "football" pales into insignificance when you have a player possibly suffering in silence with serious issue of mental health. We all know that footballers are stupid, most of them obviously, but an unprovoked savage biting of the upper arm of another player is an act difficult to understand even for the most blinkered Suarez fans. There's definitely some underlying problems going on in Suarez' life which need urgent attention. Here's hoping that he gets that attention before it's too late.

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      • What?, there are a number of threads on here dedicated to the discussion of Suarez, and various posts on those talking about the need for therapy or other treatments, but as this is a football thread, and yes we did actually play a game of football, I thought it might be nice to have just one thread talking about the actual football.

        Now if you'd like to contribute to the other threads, be my guest, but if you would like to talk footie, maybe we could leave this thread just to that, the actual football.

    • i will comment on the match only............over 45mins 2nd half how do YOU EXPLAIN 7 MINS. EXTRA TIME....C.F.C ROBBED AGAIN AT ANFIELD...........

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      • Not sure if it equals 7 minutes or not, but add up the stoppages in play and I think you don't come far off that number:

        4 substitutes usually given 30 seconds each = 2 minutes
        3 goals scored, usually adds on 30 seconds each = 1 and half minutes
        Lengthy injury stoppage for Hazard with stretcher coming on = my guess at least 1-2 minutes
        Penalty with quite a long delay from whistle to actually being taken (including Riena's little drink) = my guess at least 2 minutes

        Add on a number of free kicks and I think your well to the 7 minute mark if not more.