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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 25, 2013 16:45 Flag


    I think the goalline handball was pure reaction. There was no time to think at all. Either way, it's a similar offence to a player hauling back a striker who has got past him.

    The bite, if not pre-meditated, was done knowingly. If not, it's not a question of needing help, it's more a question of needing restraint.

    It's not a job for the FA to control him? The FA might be observing that the last time he was in big trouble, he lied about it repeatedly in many ways, before the enquiry, during the enquiry and after the enquiry. And his employers did too, as is clear from the FA report. His employers backed him up as fully as they were able, even to the extent of slandering Evra, and didn't accept the FA report. So why should the FA believe that LFC and Suarez between them will fix his behaviour now?

    In fact, we now have Rodgers coming out and saying, before hearing the FA's reasons, that he is "shocked and bitterly disappointed" with the ban. That's rather stronger than his reaction to the offence. And the mood music from LFC is "we're backing our player".