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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 25, 2013 19:35 Flag


    The handball may have been an instinctive reaction, but still a rational act - "stop them from scoring". However I think you understand what premeditated means, so don't think your suggesting he thought ahead of time about who he was planning biting that day. But it was also no accident either, so I'd place it in the category as many violent acts on the football field at stem from the so called red mist.

    Some kick out, some might throw a punch, some might stick their foot in next time they get chance, and while I'm not condemning any of these nor the bite, and some might put them in a certain order based on severity (or some other measurement) I would put them all in the same category, deliberate violent conduct.

    As for who should control them i think you've miss understood my point here. There are two parts, their is punishment, where I don't agree with the sentence I do think your right the FA has the responsibility to hand out some sanction for the offense committed. But second and separate is what the player needs as a human being, which imo is some kind of professional counselling to help him manage his anger/emotions when on the pitch. The FA is not responsible for this part, but I think the club is.

    As for the lying, not sure where your going here. By this logic anyone who has appealed to the FA and failed in that appeal should be treated differently than everyone else. For example the French striker from Arsenal recently had his appeal of his red card turned down as the FA panel did not believe his story that he slipped into the player. So now it's "proven" he lied, if he's ever charged with an offense by the FA, should we expect the sanction to be at least tripled from the standard sanction?

    Lastly on BR, I think all you've heard, is his opinion based on a question posed to him. You may or may not agree with him, but what he actually said seems to echo a lot of what I've read from various written opinions reacting to the length of the ban. Opinion is varied on this issue, which does not seem surprising when it comes to Suarez, however the fact one person is shocked and disappointed at how long the ban is, is balanced by those who are shocked and disappointed that he only got 10 games, but i'm not sure I'd read much into either view.