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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 25, 2013 19:49 Flag


    Robert you are absolutely right, this system cannot be described with words we are allowed to post here.

    But I do think the FA cannot nor should take the view it's "Suarez Again". Rules or laws whether designed to apply to a game of football, or the laws of the land are supposed to be universal, apply to everyone equally, and not single out individuals. This view actually would seem to mirror much of those critical of the FA that it smacks of punishing the man because of who he is, rather than the act he is accused of.

    Its understandable for individuals whether on a message board, down the pub or even in the daily rags to judge Suarez based on who they think he is, but the FA should only judge him on the facts as they know them of what he actually did. The day that refs, disciplinary boards or those charged with enforcing law at any level decide they can judge based on who someone is, rather than what they actually did will be a very sad day imo.