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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 25, 2013 12:06 Flag


    Thanks. I have to say I've generally been avoiding the boards since the format changed to this disaster, and it took Suarez to drag me back in.

    I agree with all you say. Defoe plainly got lucky and that decision looks daft. It highlights - yet again - that when the FA say they can't overturn a referee's decision there are times when they should make exceptions. The previous week Aguerro stamped on a Chelsea player and the FA said they wouldn't review it because the referee claimed to see something of the incident, but not presumably the stamping. It's plainly wrong. Obviously the reason they have the policy is because they don't want a hundred cases to look at every Monday morning.

    (I'm not going to mention Michael Essien.)


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    • exactly Robert. There should (in my opinion) be an avenue for the FA to take action. Then at least we may get some level of consistency and people will understand where they're coming from.

      They should work with referee's and not let them stand alone as they constantly do.

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      • Dsteer did you honestly not understand why Suarez was called a serial offender. 2 bites, racial abuse, punches opponent, rakes and stamps opponents, dives. These are all offences. Its ok to say i support him, hes LFC . But you know what he is.

        if Ivanovic had punched him hed have got 9 matches if he broke his jaw. So ten seems fair. He used violent conduct, tried to get his opponent sent off and brought the game into disrepute. Hes lucky its only ten