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  • Steve Steve Apr 26, 2013 08:48 Flag


    Dsteer did you honestly not understand why Suarez was called a serial offender. 2 bites, racial abuse, punches opponent, rakes and stamps opponents, dives. These are all offences. Its ok to say i support him, hes LFC . But you know what he is.

    if Ivanovic had punched him hed have got 9 matches if he broke his jaw. So ten seems fair. He used violent conduct, tried to get his opponent sent off and brought the game into disrepute. Hes lucky its only ten

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    • You say I am way off!
      I am bang on.
      The man who is way off is Brendan Rodgers coming out with his latest comments, wishing the whole team had his attitude, and he has done nothing that has let him down, same rhetoric that cost Dalglish his job. Always victims.

    • Actually not sure you understand the point being made. There is no denying Suarez has been charged multiple times during his career, however the FA by its own rules is only supposed to consider things under its own jurisdiction. Therefore it should not consider the bite in Holland (in another league) nor the punch (on international duty). While it is true Suarez was found guilty of racial abuse, to my knowledge this is the first time he's been charged by the FA for violent conduct. Now I understand you don't like him very much, and maybe that dislike is justified (although I'm sure you have a few players from the side you support who others would consider nasty pieces of work, but your quite willing to turn a blind eye for them), however we should not based punishment on who a person is, or what we think of them, but only on what they actually do.