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  • dsteer_lfc_68 dsteer_lfc_68 Apr 26, 2013 15:19 Flag


    So have you flipped again, or is this now your latest flop? First its ban and sell to the highest bidder, then its he should get the same sanction as Defoe, now its back to ban and sell. How often does the wind change in your house?

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    • "Now that might make some who would take great pleasure to run him out of town, very happy, but think its a very sad day if its true. "

      Stop talking #$%$, Dave.

      Suarez only has himself to blame for all the aggro he's getting right now, he brought all the #$%$ upon himself and he only has himself to blame for his actions. Since he arrived in town, he has dragged the good name of Liverpool FC through the mud. I'll hate to have a player like him in my team, I don't think managers like Wenger will put up with his never-ending rubbish. It's about time for him to grow up and stop like an idiot.

      One last question Steer, do you seriously think that LFC will put up with all the Suarez's #$%$ if he's an average football or if they have a good replacement?

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      • Maybe your right Wenger would not put up with a player who bites, but he was more than willing to put up with a player who spits at opponents!

        As for the last question, your most likely right, if Suarez was a plodder then I doubt LFC would fight to keep him, but then again nor would any club fight to keep a player who did not make them better.

        Again, there are plenty of players past and present who are just as nasty if not worse than Suarez, if you choose to turn a blind eye if any of these play for your club, that's your business.