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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 26, 2013 22:33 Flag


    Ooh, cop out!

    I wasn't going to complain about anyone left out. I'm just interested in anyone you can find to put in!


    • You did not like the list of players in the link? Not my personal link, but I'd say most are not what you'd call sporting gentlemen.

      But you want me to actually put down a couple names. How about JT, found guilty of racism, and while he gets high praise from those who like him, don't leave your girlfriend unattended in his company! For that exemplary behavior we don't run him out of the country, we kept him as the national team captain!

      Want another, how about Rooney. Think the lad defined the term red mist, and yet its Suarez who is petulant. Now I know he's not going around biting anyone, nor using Spanish words considered racist by the English, but he does like a good expletive to the camera, and the term gentleman and Rooney seem to be very far apart.

      I'm sure others could come up with a few more, surely there area number of players who have been charged with violent conduct and are perceived of committing other offenses as well, but I'll leave it to others to decide if their behavior can be excused as we're too busy running Suarez out.