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  • Steve Steve Apr 27, 2013 08:28 Flag


    You are right Dave United have had some players who have done bad things. Keane got punished twice for his actions against Haangelaand, Cantona got banned for his Kick, Ferdinand banned for the drug test. None of them were repeat offenders. I dont like Suarez, he shames your club, i would not want him at United. But i understand you need him and why you support him. In his time at Liverpool he has bitten, pulled Rafaels hair, kicked Dawson, kicked the other tottenham player whose name eludes me, stamped on the zenit player, the wigan player, dived repeatedly, racially abused evra, stamped on Distins achilles, these are off the top of my head. If Ivanovic had punched him, and who could blame him, he could have got Paul Davis 9 match ban, so i think 10 is a result for you. Suarez is a snide, bitchu, cowardly player, albeit superbly talented. Is his talent worth what he brings ? He will offend again if he stays, because he thinks its ok. I understand why you support him, because hes LFC, but hes a disgrace. He doesnt deserve your support.