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  • Jason Jason Apr 24, 2013 23:21 Flag

    Champions League / Germany / Lewandowski

    Just wanted to start a different topic to change the pace like I often tend to do, particularly when we get caught up in controversial BS, or the same topics..

    Just curious on who has watched the two Semi Finals (presuming most with a tv) and how absolutely ridiculously good the Germans have been.. I can say in full honesty, that I told my friends, I expected both results, I swear, and I am not shocked, but if it makes sense, it was shocking to see Bayern and then Dortmund pick apart the world's "2 best clubs", particularly Fail Madrid as I refer to them and their 600M squad..

    Of the two, obviously Madrid has a much better chance of turning it around since they have an away goal, and can win 3-0 at the Bernapoo, but I see Dortmund scoring at least 1, especially knowing what's coming, and I see absolutely no way in hell of Barcelona turning that one upside down.. I could see Bayern Winning 6-2 ish..

    I often (obvious to those who know me) talk about my affinity for Napoli as a secondary team, and Cavani as a favorite player, but I was absolutely thrilled, and maybe not a prouder day football wise, LFC aside, with Robert Lewandowski being that I'm Polish, the better half anyways, but I cling to that tiny % of Spanish in me while pretending to be Uruguayan.. But Jesus H! What a stunning performance by my fellow Pole, 4 goals (could have had 6) against the mighty Failures of Europe... it was stunning!

    Sadly, as a Dortmund fan because of him and a few other Poles in Piszchek and Blasyzkowski, it bothers me that he's rejected a new contract, and is said to be off to Bayern (which I wouldn't mind so much) BUT strong rumors of United.. That would seal #21, 22, 23 and makes me sick..

    Anyways, I really enjoyed both the thrashings, though I usually root for Barca in most instances, and I hope that perhaps Tello not even getting a minute, and all his rumors (again) with an 8.5M release clause gives me reason to dream we can go for him this summer with Barca needing a revamp. I particularly enjoyed Fail getting crushed and I literally hate them as much as United, though I'll have to re-think that when Jose, Crissy and that #$%$ bag Pepe leave, and Cavani joins them..

    Cheers! Great 2 days of football as a fan in general, and dreaming of the days of us getting back to that stage, Andy Carroll leading the way with 30-35 goals and a ballon d'or under his belt! YNWA

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    • Now logic would say.......Bayern wins the title that they should have had last year , lets face it , the Chelskites lucked out totally. But.......but.......but......I kind of have an inkling that Dortmund proves hard to kill and pulls this out 2-1.

      And Benfica to raise Abramovich's stress level to artery bursting point by swiping the Europa. Sorry Robert M , but I just can't bring myself to cheer for the gangster's dirty-money bought and paid for mercenarys. I'll support Torres & Rafa for past efforts while Reds....but the rest of your squad can go shrivel and blow away. Nothing personal , Bob , don't care much for blue.