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  • A Yahoo! User Apr 28, 2013 16:00 Flag

    Andy Carrol needed for start of next season ?

    The one thing our Reds lack......especially on corners and set pieces.....is a large tall physical prescence to head crosses effectively. If Andy can fill this role , and he DID NOT in his previous stint with the club......then he can be a valuable weapon for Liverpool. The lad needs to be more aggressive , needs to bully his way to goals.

    At any rate....Hammers have stated that they will only go 10 Mil. If that is in fact the case then bring him back to Anfield and hopefully he will use his physical tools more effectively this time around, But DO NOT sell him for 10 Mil. If they'll double that then OK.....coin to spend on new blood. If I'm misinformed on the asking price then please let me know. But don't let him go cheap.